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WHY YOU NEED TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHT NOW. The present reality of social network is this: the social brand is more essential than ever before. Getting on social network isn’t just crucial for prospects and new sales. Social network also offers immediate feedback so that you can solve problems earlier. Somebody might walk from the upset shop, and you do not realize it, unless you are on social network. In case you use it well, you can demonstrate that you are a great business, and get free market research out of it, that is a strong thing. A company owner can begin by listening to what is happening on social network prior to getting involved. He predicts another huge privacy blowup with Facebook, due to the new social readers they are using that broadcast what users are reading and looking in. There’ll definitely be more bumps along the road. Sarner also thinks they make new strides in social network will get harder before it gets easier. Read more..

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