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Approach A Woman Like A Gentleman

The gentleman stands out from other men in matters of seduction . He knows how to approach a woman and manage to interest her thanks to relationship his simplicity and elegance. However, like any seducer, a gentleman can still get a refusal. But, he knows how to hold his head high and not be easily touched by disappointment. What are its secrets?

“Being a gentleman” what it means nowadays

If the gentleman was once considered a wealthy and honourable man, that less defines the modern gentleman . In the past, the social position of man forced him to adopt an honourable and refined character. Now, that has changed.

To be a gentleman today requires the acquisition of several characteristics at the same time. It is about being: gallant, charming , ambitious, polite, respectful, cultured, discreet, confident, responsible, resilient, sincere and presentable .

But remember that he is first love and foremost a human being, so he is “  imperfect  ”. To be a true gentleman, he must be aware of his imperfection and assume it. This must push him to take responsibility for what he is able to control. He avoids bragging to others that he is a gentleman.

Approach A Woman Like A Gentleman

How to become a gentleman?

  • Be a gentleman in appearance  : be modern, take care of your look and take care of your body. Traditionally, the gentleman is always seen as the rich man in suits with the shirt and the shiny shoes. Today, it is enough to be chic and clean and have the sensibility of character to be a true gentleman.
  • Behaving like a gentleman  : you must be elegant and gallant. Gallantry makes the charm and the value of a man. A gentleman knows good manners and manners. He is loyal, attentive and honest.
  • Assert yourself with others  : show by your actions that you are naturally a gentleman. It is useless and inadvisable to shout it from the rooftops. You must show it and affirm it through your daily behavior and especially towards women.
  • Have confidence in yourself  : the gentleman goes through life with confidence in himself. He assumes his impulses and accepts the fact that he attracts women, but with respect and elegance. He cares about what others think of him and knows how to stay socially correct.
  • Have a good vocabulary : the gentleman shows great politeness. He avoids telling lies or swearing or slandering others. On the other hand, he knows how to juggle familiar words perfectly according to his interlocutor. He avoids speaking often, lets others speak and listens to them.

Women’s perspective on the modern gentleman

Some men think that a woman always expects to meet the ideal man. However, if you ask her to choose, she prefers the “bad boy” more than the man who is too nice and too caring. However, the gentleman is an alternative that juggles between the two descriptions.

However, the gallant man still wins the majority of votes among women. They like attention, but above all they look for confidence, security and reliability in a man. These are characteristics that the gentleman can have.

Seduction: an art that gentlemen must learn

Seduction is a game where everyone must lose at least once in their life. This is a complex art that is quite difficult to master. It can still become child’s play once you know the laws that make it up. Like any self-respecting gentleman, you should always expect failure.

The Seduction Techniques of a True Gentleman

It is important to know that to succeed in seducing, you must first dare to approach. By approaching several women, you increase your chance of meeting the person who suits you, even the girl of your dreams. You need to get out of your comfort zone and take the first step .

Overcome the fear of rejection

In seduction, everything is uncertain, no one can win every time. Always expect to get a “no” from a girl you approach. This is how you can cushion the shock of his refusal. Also avoid thinking that the girl will push you away with violence. You must have a steel mind and be able to overcome disappointment more easily. Also avoid imagining that she agrees to kiss you on the first meeting . It can help you in case of failure.

Apply the 3 second rule

When you see a woman you like, go for it no  questions asked. Count 3 seconds and start. If you wait too long, you increase your fear and hesitation  sets in more and  more. You may lose your chance to talk to him.

Show elegance

Being stylish sometimes means being clean, presentable and having a good frame of mind. If your job requires you to wear suits every day, take advantage of them. Otherwise, there is no need to take them out daily. Adopting a classic and less sophisticated look can also do the trick. Women place importance on a man knowing how to take care of himself, not on the fact that he wears very expensive tuxedos.

Be smiling

The smile makes the charm of a person. It is the most effective weapon in the field of seduction. So remember to smile before approaching the woman. Besides, it is important to smile even outside courting.

Use body language

When you want to win over a woman (or the hearts of an audience), you have to pay attention to your body language. You need to keep your head up and keep your shoulders back to have a slightly rounded torso.

However, avoid overdoing it, you risk going overboard. Instead, adopt a posture that flatters you and in which you feel comfortable.

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