Cookie Policy

We use cookies (like many other websites) that tell us what kind of articles our visitors like. We also use them to find ways to serve our readers better.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that get places on your computer when you visit any website online. Cookies can help browsers remember your preferences such as which language you want to browse the website in (if applicable) or whether you have accepted cookies on that site.

None of the information these cookies collect can personally identify you as they are completely anonymous. They are only used to serve better content and improve site design.

How long do cookies last?

Session cookies expire as soon as you close your browser. Other cookies such as Google Analytics’ cookies are active for a set period.

Our site

When you first visit our website, we’ll tell you that we are using cookies and ask you to accept them. You can disable and delete cookies anytime by editing the settings of your browser. More information can be found here

Types of cookies and how they use information

– cookies that identify whether you’ve already accepted cookies on our site or not
– Google Analytics cookies that collect information about your visit, such as the state, city, and country you’re visiting from, the type of device you’re using, how long you stayed on our site, etc. The cookies remain in your browser for two years or until you delete them. Google’s use of cookies falls under their own Privacy Policy, which can be found here:
– YouTube cookies, that identifies what kind of video you have already watched. To find more information about Google and YouTube cookies, please visit the following page.

How is this information used

We use Google Analytics data to track the performance of our site and to compare it with previous years’ statistics (historical research).