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Why it is Not Good to Look for a Relationship Online?

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Online dating has become a trend these days, as people find it difficult to get a match offline or in the real world. Many online sites and apps are there which provide a complete virtual world of online dating. But have you ever thought that if you are not able to find or make a relationship in the real world, then how it can be a successful relationship in the virtual world? The sites like and many other dating sites, let people meet and connect online for developing a romantic relationship. But as per the survey as per the experience of thousands of people, looking for a relationship online is not at all a good idea. Below we are sharing some of the reasons why you should now stop looking for a relationship online.

People are not real: – Relationship Online

On online dating sites, it becomes very easy for people to fake. They are not what they really are in real life. They may show you a different side of theirs which you may like. But this goes only for a small period of time until you people do not meet each other. Once you will meet, you will know the reality and will end up breaking the relationship or will abuse or hate each other for showing the fake side or for not being the real.

People consider online dating is for sex: –

Be it a male or a female, everyone has developed this thought in mind that online dating is done to find a partner for sex. Especially, in the case of females, who are looking for a partner online, their male counterpart considers or have a thought in mind that they are connecting with them because they want to hook up. And not because they are looking for some serious relationship.

People judge you by your looks: –

This is one of the most negative things about online dating. Why date someone when you have to put so many filters on your profile picture to look good and to impress the other person? Online dating sites like Amolatina, make you consider a person’s looks more in comparison to the overall personality and behavior of that person. You tend to select and reject a person just by looking at their face. That is what we call these days left and right swipe. In the real world, we do not do so, as we try to know a person more and then only, we make any judgment.

So many lies: – Dating and Relationship Online

It’s common and people have made it a fashion to lie about things on online sites. It is a possibility that 70 percent of things you know about a person lie and you are still dating them because you are not aware of those lies. It is definitely heartbreaking when we come to know about those lies about that person whom we were dating online for a serious relationship.

Due to all these reasons, it is better to drop the idea of looking for a relationship online. And consider the real-world matches, as they may take time, but at least you will be aware of most of the things about that person.

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