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Singles: 5 Good Resolutions to Take Care of Themselves

The New Year is a time to make “Good Resolutions to Take Care”. Whether you hold them or not in general, forget the classic formulas that we hear too often: here are 5 good resolutions that can help you take life differently and above all, to bite into it to the fullest!

This year, I sleep if I want – Good Resolutions to Take Care

No more unnecessary procrastination and other deep thoughts about the perfect time to end up in bed. No more wondering what he will think of you if you sleep the first night or what she will think of you if you try an approach a little too early. This year, listen to your desires and follow your instincts. So yes, this “good resolution” may not save you from a misstep, but whoever tries nothing wins… especially in love!

This year, I’m not mistaken in my first name

You have changed partners several times this year. Result: you have happened to confuse (and at the worst of times of course…) Sandrine, Stéphanie and the others…/Vincent, Antoine and the others… An error for which we sympathize easily but which can cost you dearly. Come on, this year, force yourself to write the first name of your new guy/your new girl 200 times just to remember it well, take food supplements for the memory or only go out with Christophe/Sarah…

This year, I stop sleeping with my exes

May the one who has never cracked down on a depressed evening or after a drunken evening throw the first stone at us… However, if falling back into the arms of your ex is as frequent as it is tempting, it is generally not the best ideas, far from it. Can’t resist him? Stop playing with fire and stop hanging out with him!

Singles 5 Good Resolutions to Take Care of Themselves

This year, I dare to sit in a café/restaurant by myself

It’s quite simple but it can open you up to encounters that are as surprising as they are promising. Afraid to pass for a poor soul in pain, alone and depressed? Don’t forget to bring a book-pretext, which will at the same time make an excellent pole for discussion when a handsome stranger comes to approach you. A word of advice: avoid immersing yourself in your smartphone to calm yourself down, it’s geeky/busy and it doesn’t make you want to approach you at all…

This year, I assume my sexual fantasies

We may be ashamed of it, have scruples about talking about it, especially at the start of a relationship. Sex, and sexual fantasies , are important in a relationship. Instead of creating frustrations that will eventually affect your couple, talk about it! The problem is not so much to dare to talk about it to his (her) partner (on the contrary) but to find the right moment and the right words to talk about it.

Winter and fatigue helping, you had a little lost hope and relaxed your efforts? There’s nothing like getting back in the saddle after a well-deserved break from the confectioners, with stars in your eyes (thank you Christmas) and good resolutions in your head.

Warm behind my keyboard – Good Resolutions to Take Care

Despite the heat of the holidays, winter has not said its last word and many of us are reluctant to put our noses outside after returning from work or on weekends. Cozy under the blanket, lulled by the crackling of the fireplace, you rather want to see Love Actually again for the 159th time , and tell yourself that you too, one day, you will find a man who will ring the doorbell. to declare his love to you. Except that no, in real life, prince charmings don’t show up unexpectedly, you have to go get them! Where ? On your dating site , of course! No need to leave your cozy bed, just swap the TV for a computer and you’re done.

Full of good resolutions

Why is this the perfect time to seriously get back into the search for love? Because the beginning of the year is conducive to questioning and good resolutions. Boosted by the magic of the holidays and often refreshed by relaxing holidays with family or friends, singles generally find the pep and the desire necessary to find the right partner. Heads full of good resolutions, they are once again ready to do anything to find love .

From virtual to real – Good Resolutions to Take Care

Warning: if the Internet is a magic breeding ground for singles, do not make the mistake of dragging out virtual exchanges. When winter has bowed out, exactly when you feel a real connection with a handsome, promising brunette, it will be high time to plan a first date. In real life. Dating sites are there to increase your chances of finding love and help you overcome the discomfort/complexes often associated with approaching love. The first exchanges over, it is essential to move on to the next stage: that of reality. Because only there can you put your relationship to the test.

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