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The 5 Photos to Send Him Before The First Meeting

The 5 Photos to Send Him Before The First Meeting

You will soon meet for The First Meeting time the one who makes you vibrate at the same time as your smartphone every time you receive the slightest text from him. Before this first meeting, you decided to exchange some photos. Show yourself from the start in your best light with 5 portraits that are a little more original than the basic selfie taken in front of your bathroom mirror.

1. The prettiest part of your body – The First Meeting

If it is preferable to remain modest and to avoid an overly sensual cliché , which could be misinterpreted, do not hesitate to surprise him or her. Simply put yourself in value, by sending him a photo framed on your so pretty smile, your beautiful blue eyes or your magnificent feet…

2. You in disguise

If you have photos of you in disguise, share them with him or her to show them your party side that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Arrange all the same so that it highlights you a little. Most of the time, before the first date, it’s better to show him your sexy pirate disguise rather than the giant cotton swab…

3. For girls: without makeup – The First Meeting

If you feel like “baring yourself” and seducing without artifice. In all simplicity, allow him the pleasure of discovering you as you would wake up from your first night … but without the trace of the pillow on the forehead and the potholes in the hair!

4. Your hobbies

Are you a curling pro? An angling queen? An expert in painting on polystyrene? Whatever activity you prefer, know that there is nothing sexier than someone who is passionate about it. Sharing your passion from the outset with the person who may be called upon to take part in your daily life will give you the impression of knowing yourself better.

5. An enigmatic photo… from the back! – The First Meeting

If you want to leave the mystery hanging , you can send a snapshot on which we only guess you. From behind, in the distance or against the light, if the photo is pretty, it will undoubtedly make him want to know more.

If living with a sickly jealous person can very quickly become a real ordeal, what about when his partner is not jealous at all? Is this necessarily a bad sign? Should we be worried about it? We tell you everything.

The 5 Photos to Send Him Before The First Meeting

A Story of Temperament – The First Meeting

Just as some people are by nature possessive and jealous, others, on the contrary. Are little or not at all jealous. Contrary to what one might think. It is not always the sign of a lack of interest or a lack of feeling. But simply a character trait, a state of mind, reflecting a serene and Good Feel. Because a person who is not jealous is not just a person who has confidence in you. It is above all a person who has confidence in herself and who does not feel constantly threatened. So, if darling doesn’t feel the need to beat up the first guy who lays eyes on you. It’s probably not because he doesn’t like you. But quite simply because he doesn’t feel not threatened by this man and that he trusts your couple.

And with other women? – The First Meeting

But be careful, to be sure that it is indeed his deep nature and not a sign that should alert you. It is important to carry out your little investigation to find out how he behaved in his Past Relationships. Ask him discreet questions and ask those around him. If your new lover was very jealous with his ex and he’s not at all with you. It’s probably a sign that he doesn’t have enough feelings for you yet.

Prove it a little!

Your darling is so “cool” that you would almost dream of a small fit of jealousy just to feel loved and desired? Tickle his ego and go find the protective and dominating male that necessarily lies dormant in him. Offer to take you out to dinner or a drink, dress a little more flirty than usual, and pretend to stare at a man and smile at him. Add a layer of it by slipping to him, in the course of a conversation, that he is damn sexy, this man, at the back table. In short, provoke him to push him to react. Something to spice up your evening a little, and prove to you that Chéri is really crazy about you!

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