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7 Tips to Spice Up Your First Date

7 Tips to Spice Up Your First Date

7 Tips to Spice Up Your First Date

Are you about to go on a first date and are somewhat nervous? First dates can be pretty amazing for most people, a package wrapped with anticipation, nervousness, and excitement. But, it is also the most crucial date as it sets the pace for the possibility – or not – of something more down the road of romance.

But then, you must congratulate yourself on landing this all-important first date. Even if you will be hanging out with any of the most beautiful onlyfans girls you know, that person has a reason for deciding to go on a date with you. There was something the other party saw in you and is willing to get to know you better.

You can do more than a few things to bungle your first date. But you can avoid them all if you remember to be yourself and have fun in the moment with them. You don’t have to overthink anything; be confident, relax, and enjoy yourself.

You can do a few things to spice up this all-important first date. Here are some tips that may come in handy:


Nothing sets up the mood for a perfect first date than a barrage of texts. Texting is one of the most efficient ways of getting to know another person without meeting them in person.

You can set up the first date via text and build up the moment by exchanging a few SMSs. This is where you set up the meeting point, which could be the local park, the restaurant around the corner with outside tables, the coffee shop down the street, etc. You or the other party can set the time or day of the first date, who will bring what, etc.

Be a good listener

Many people on a date spend more than half the time prattling on and on about themselves or thinking of something witty or funny to say. During these periods, they miss nearly half of the conversation. This includes all emotional and non-verbal cues.

Don’t make it your primary goal to impress the other person. You don’t want to come off as someone trying too hard or bragging or not even being present in the conversation. This is the perfect way to miss out on essential non-verbal and verbal cues for engendering a connection.

Instead, try to be an excellent listener. Women love it when you listen to them and accurately recall most of what was said. This includes remembering things she has mentioned, like her favorite cuisine, flowers, the name of her pet dog, etc.

Give sincere compliments

Exclaiming, ‘Wow, you are so gorgeous!’ is getting tiring, and the other person has probably heard that a billion times from others. You don’t want to pass on the impression that you’re on a date with the other party only because they are beautiful or sexy. Furthermore, this is an insult to intelligent women as they will immediately put you down as a shallow-minded individual.

Therefore, if you have to compliment her, let it be genuine and sincere. Something like ‘I like your top; it matches the color of your handbag and shoes…’ sounds more poetic.

Set up three venues to visit

In many cases, first dates are nearly all about getting to know more about the other person. So, they usually don’t involve visiting multiple venues in one night.

However, this is a date, not a hook-up with a random individual you may never see again after that day. Therefore, start the date by grabbing coffee or drinks. Then, you can sit at a small table inside or outside your meeting point while focusing on chatting with each other.

If the date is going well, you can transition to a restaurant on the next street to grab a few bites or a park near your location. You may visit a bowling alley nearby or browse a few cute shops together.

Dates that usually span at least 2 or 3 venues are much more engaging and exciting. This will pave the way for the possibility of a second date, especially if you’re intent on pushing things to the next level.

Get flirty

Hardly anyone can keep up with the statistics of first dates that ended up in the dreaded friend zone. In most cases, one or both parties did not feel any chemistry. If you don’t know anything about flirting in person, you may need to learn how.

It’s generally challenging to create chemistry – or feel a ‘spark’ – on a first date without a little flirting. Flirting is nothing but a light-hearted, fun way of expressing one’s interest in another person in small increments and bursts. It can be non-verbal – e.g., gestures, direct eye contact, smiles and smirks, and even winks – or verbal, e.g., teasing, role play, playful banter, etc.

You don’t have to be 100 percent great at flirty banter. Just relax; keep the conversation flowing and full of fun while adding those non-verbal signals every now and then.

Be true to yourself

Dating is really about finding that one person you connect with and deeply care about, not some competition, which is now a common trend in the 21st century. You want to be with someone who makes you very happy and who you want to make happy in return.

Therefore, don’t measure your worth against those you perceive are ‘winning.’ Stay true to yourself; let your genuineness shine through. This will be a breath of fresh air to the other party, who has probably gone on several dates before meeting you.

Talk about topics the other party finds interesting

You can start by admitting you’re nervous. This would probably be a first from the other party’s point of view. Honesty will always get you a long way.

You can talk about favorite foods, memorable dishes, whether or not you or the other person likes to cook, the best restaurants in the city, etc.

You may also talk about TV shows or movies. Of course, everyone has preferences for movies and shows, favorite genres, actors, etc. These conversations help establish whether or not you share similar tastes in entertainment.

Spicing up your first date is not rocket science. However, you should be fine if you can stick to the few suggestions highlighted.

Therefore, dress up, look good, and step out to that first date looking gorgeous and confident that you will have the loveliest time of your life!

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