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I Lied On Our First Date

I Lied On Our First Date

Lying on the first date is a very common situation. However, this can have repercussions on the future of a romantic relationship. Once the other has let out a lie, it’s too late, the truth always comes out eventually. Once she gets out, she can cause a lot of pain. So how do you win back the trust of someone you’ve lied to? Is it possible that your relationship can be saved?

Lying on your first date is a classic fact

It is above all psychological and this has been observed by professors and psychologists. Lying is a way to attract the person you like. The first impression counts a lot in seduction . A person is capable of lying to embellish his situation and hide his dark sides or his faults.

This reaction is triggered to achieve a goal: to seduce to get into a relationship or to bring the person to bed. Indeed, a search was made on a few people. It has been proven that it is above all the parts in charge of sexual stimuli that are in action during seduction. The lied fact of wanting to make a good impression then facilitates lying during the seduction phase.

I Lied On Our First Date

Forms of common lies on the first date

The seriousness of a lie depends on its form. This can then determine the end or the safeguard of a romantic relationship. Here are these types of lies:

  • The phenomenon of imitation  : many people claim to like the same things as the other to have points in common with him or her.
  • Exaggeration  : always in order to make a good impression, many people are determined to stretch things and turn into mythomaniacs.
  • The lie by omission  : it is lied about hiding part of the truth, you do not tell him everything to reduce the gravity or the importance of a thing.

People often lie about commonalities when they first meet

To prevent the person to covet from running away, people often lie about:

  • The romantic past and the end of the last romantic relationship  : it is especially about the number of ex-partners that people lie to, they reduce if there are too many. Or, they increase it if there is not enough. Especially since no one wants the other to know if she was left or if she was sickly jealous, or even if she really loved her ex-lover.
  • Embarrassing family stories  : it’s better to stay light on the first date and avoid letting go of suspicious family secrets. This can drive away the woman or the man who pleases.
  • Disabilities or illnesses  : whether you are a man or a woman, you do not want people to appreciate you out of pity. As long as it can be concealed, a person prefers to hide it until the relationship is more serious.
  • Psychological concerns  : everyone prefers to wait for more complicity to reveal themselves completely. There are certain flaws and psychological handicaps that can indeed scare you away if you show them on the first meeting . There are for example: paranoia, jealousy, depression and, etc.
  • Insecurities  : this often concerns people who have just experienced a breakup or who have a fairly heavy past. They are afraid of being abandoned, but they avoid showing it to the person they like.
  • Financial status  : It is completely normal for financial concerns to be omitted during the first date.

The marital situation : it is especially the unfaithful people who dare to lie about their situation to conquer the other person and achieve their end.

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